Matplotlib style library not updating when adding / removing .mplstyle files

I'm trying to create my own matplotlib stylesheets, but Python doesn't detect them. Even worse, when I moved one of the five default stylesheets (ggplot.mplstyle), Python kept reporting that it was available.

I tried to reload the whole module, to no avail:

import matplotlib
from matplotlib import style as style
plt = matplotlib.pyplot


just returns

[u'dark_background', u'bmh', u'grayscale', u'ggplot', u'fivethirtyeight']


How can I force these styles to "update"?

Ps I'm not a Python expert.


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Just in case someone came across this post, this issue was reported and resolved here:

Basically, the style library looks for files in a subdirectory of the matplotlib config directory. On linux / osx system it will be something like ~/.matplotlib/stylelib/<my-custom-style>.mplstyle


Also, as @tcaswell pointed out in the comments, loading is done during import, so style files added or edited after import won't work without being called




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