How to install memcached on windows 7 + PHP 5.6.1

I find it very difficult to install memcached. I've looked at several answers here on stackoverflow as well as a couple of tutorials on other sites and I just can't seem to do it.

I got to the point where I installed memcached as a service and it works for me (or at least so I think). Follow the child's steps on this article. However, when I try to instantiate new Memcache

or new Memcached

, I get the class not found. So, I went looking for memcached options in php.ini

and had 0 matches when searching memcached

. I manually added extension=php_memcached.dll

among other extension declarations, but then I must have dll

one that I cannot find anywhere else! Why don't they just put dll

php on the site? I found several dll

for PHP version 5.4.0, but I got the error "Compiled with old API key" or something.

Can someone please guide me through this hell?


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MemcacheD is a daemon and it looks like you've already installed it as a service. Now you need to configure the Memcahce PHP extension, so it will act as a client for the MemcacheD daemon. You need to find php_memcache.dll (no D at the end). You can find it here:



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