Some events are missing from Google Analytics (recorded in real time, but not in behavior)

I am using Google Analytics measurement protocol to send events, there is one category and multiple actions. There are currently several dozen GA accounts that I am submitting data to (successfully), but there is one that is experiencing very strange behavior.

Only one activity is registered for this account under Behavior → Events, but the other two (missing) activities are displayed in real time. The account is using UA and the session timeout is 30 minutes. The first action usually dispatches a few minutes before the next action.

I can verify that requests for other actions are being sent with 200 responses. There is also no filter for missing actions or anything else that would prevent them from showing.

There is a conversion with missing actions and I get a non-zero conversion rate when I try to validate.

Any direction will be highly appreciated.

Edit: data collection is in progress for a month.


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