Viewing a computed attribute in VueJS

In my project, I have a form that can only be submitted when certain fields are filled, so I created a canSubmit function in my ViewModel:

var vm = new Vue({
    data: {
        experiments: [],
        genes: ""
    el: "html",
    computed: {
        canSubmit: function () {
            switch (this.searchType) {
                case "":
                    return false;
                case "gene":
                    return this.genes.length > 0 && this.experiments.length > 0;
                    return false;


I also have a button that I want to show if canSubmit returns true, and some <inputs>

that change the data model:

<textarea v-model="genes" name="genes" id="gene_list"></textarea>
<select v-model="experiments" name="experiments" multiple id="select_result_exps">
   <!--Various <options>-->
<button name="query" v-if="canSubmit" value="search" type="submit"">Submit</button>


So when I change the textbox or selection, my model updates, which means it canSubmit

returns true. However, the button does not know what canSubmit

has changed, so it remains invisible.

Is there a way to look at a derived attribute or method to get this to work? Alternatively, can I force the button to recheck its bindings?


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The real reason my code didn't work was because the variables bound to textarea and select were not considered dependent on the computed canSubmit property.

I found this in the documentation here .

The solution, as on the site, was to access these variables first, eg.

enableSubmit: function () {
    this.genesString; //Adding these
    this.gene_search.experiments; //lines fixed the problem 

    switch (this.search_type) {
        case "gene":
            return this.genesString.length > 0 && this.gene_search.experiments.length > 0;
        case "experiment":
            return this.experiment_search.experiment.length > 0;
            return false;




This works correctly in the latest version 0.11!



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