PHP array: integer index and string index

Is there a difference between an integer index and a string index of PHP arrays (except, of course, that the latter is called associative array


So, for example, what are the differences between the following two arrays:

$intIndex[5] = "Hello";
$intIndex[6] = "World";
$intIndex[7] = "!";



$strIndex['5'] = "Hello";
$strIndex['6'] = "World";
$strIndex['7'] = "!";


In the first case, what happens to $intIndex[0]

before $intIndex[4]



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From the manual (emphasis mine):

The key can be an integer or a string. The value can be of any type.

In addition, the following key casts will be performed :

  • Strings containing real integers will be cast to an integer type . For example. the key "8" will actually be stored under 8. On the other, manual "08" will not be selected since it is not a valid decimal integer.
  • Floats are also cast from integers, which means that the fractional part will be truncated. For example. the key 8.7 will actually be stored in
    1. 8.

This is not due to the fact that PHP arrays are sparse.

You can check all of this with var_dump () .



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