Setting git submodule timeout in Jenkins

I have a Jenkins installation that has been running for quite some time. There was a problem lately where one git repository timed out pulling submodules. I started looking for a solution and found that the Git Client Plugin added support for the submodule timeout value in version 1.9.0 ( issue ). Looking at the code changeset it looks like it should add a timeout field in the options section of the config submodule.

Based on this, I have updated Jenkins and all plugins. (Jenkins 1.581, git Plugin 2.2.6, git Client Plugin 1.10.2). After fixing a few issues where credentials were not migrated, etc. I have Jenkins over and over like before the upgrade.

Unfortunately I can't find the submodule timeout setting in the settings for git in the job. I tried to remove the git settings for the job and even tried to create a new job from scratch, but I can't seem to find a place in the UI to set the options for the submodule. For me it looks like this:

settings screenshot

Any ideas or something obvious I'm missing?


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