'Str' object has no 'decode' attribute in Python3

I have a problem with the "decode" method in python 3.3.4. This is my code:

for lines in open('file','r'):
    decodedLine = lines.decode('ISO-8859-1')
    line = decodedLine.split('\t')


But I cannot decode the string for this problem:

AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'decode'


Do you have any ideas? Thanks to


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One encodes strings and one decodes bytes.

You have to read the bytes from the file and decode them:

for lines in open('file','rb'):
    decodedLine = lines.decode('ISO-8859-1')
    line = decodedLine.split('\t')


Fortunately, it open

has an encoding argument that makes this simple:

for decodedLine in open('file', 'r', encoding='ISO-8859-1'):
    line = decodedLine.split('\t')





already decodes Unicode in Python 3 if you open it in text mode. If you want to open it as bytes so that you can decode then you need to open it with 'rb' mode.



This works smoothly for me to read Chinese text in Python 3.6. First, we convert str to bytes and then decode them.

for l in open('chinese2.txt','rb'):
    decodedLine = l.decode('gb2312')




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