Why isn't there a simple accessible folder?

In Android Studio, when a project is created, it includes a set of drawable

folders, but each with a suffix indicating their size.

For example, there



However, very often I see instructions for adding something to a folder drawable

. For example, in the android documentation about selector

xml resources, here .

Should I add a folder drawable

without a suffix? Or should I add the xml file to all the different ones drawables

? Why is there no simple one drawable

from the very beginning?


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You can add an accessible unsuffixed folder for selectors, or nine patch images that you want to use as a shared but unsuffixed accessible folder mainly for selectors.

Android studio or eclipse doesn't provide it at project build time because it doesn't know your prerequisite for this thing.

Thus, there is no harm in creating your own folder.

when developing in eclipse, there was no folder for fonts or xml folder for widget, but you can create those folders yourself.



You can use a dropdown folder without a suffix. Also? if you have an owner file that is used on any screen, you can set an image of any available folder with any suffix for yourself.



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