How to get the Cassandra version Programmatically

I am using com.datastax.cassandra cassandra-driver-core version 1.0.0 in Java 7 to connect to Apache Cassandra (version 1.2.12). While version 1.2.12 is the version I am using today, this version is subject to change and I would like to know, if possible, how to get the software version of Cassandra (presumably using a driver, although I am open to other suggestions).

I found Cluster.getMetadata()

and Cluster.getMetadata.getKeyspace()

, which returns an object Metadata

and an object KeyspaceMetadata

, respectively, but none of them have any methods that will return a version.

Any help is appreciated


Thanks to Michael and Bryce, I came up with an answer. This method returns the Cassandra version, or "Offline" if the cluster is down. I have tested this code and it works flawlessly.

private String getCassandraVersion() {
    String[] cassandraServers = <insert your servers here>;
    String keyspace = "system";
    Session session = null;
    try {
        Cluster cluster = Cluster.builder().addContactPoints(cassandraServers)
        session = cluster.connect(keyspace);
        PreparedStatement ps = session.prepare("select release_version from system.local where key = 'local'");
        ResultSet result = session.execute(ps.bind());
        Row versionRow =;
        if (versionRow != null) {
            return versionRow.getString("release_version");
    } catch (Exception ex) {
        _log.error("Failed to connect to '" + keyspace + "' keyspace!");
    } finally {
        if(session != null) {
            try {
            } catch (Exception ex) {
    return "Offline";


Thanks again guys!


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You can request the version from Cassandra: select release_version from system.local where key = 'local';



In addition to Michael's very succinct answer, let me add that you can also query release_version

other important elements that node knows about itself from the column family local

in system


cqlsh> use system;
cqlsh:system> desc table local;

  key text,
  bootstrapped text,
  cluster_name text,
  cql_version text,
  data_center text,
  gossip_generation int,
  host_id uuid,
  native_protocol_version text,
  partitioner text,
  rack text,
  release_version text,
  schema_version uuid,
  thrift_version text,
  tokens set<text>,
  truncated_at map<uuid, blob>,
  PRIMARY KEY ((key))


This column family should have only one row with a key key='local'


For more information check this document: Data Dictionary in Cassandra 1.2



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