Using config from PuPHPet for prod Server

I have built a test server with PuPHPet and Vagrant running Ubuntu 14.04.
I have a root server Ubuntu 14.04

My goal is to install all the software I have in my Vagrant Box on my live server.
So I installed the puppet and puppet using "apt-get" and configured them to use the host "puppet" that I added to the host file for the Live Server.

Then I copied anything from my puppeteer / vagrant puppet to my / etc / puppet / manifestests server.
I installed "augeas-tools and libaugeas-dev" with apt-get and run "/ usr / bin / gem install haml hiera facter json ruby-augeas"

After that I tried to load the puppet manifest using the "puppet agent - test" which worked but produced this error: "Error: Failed to get directory from remote server: Error 400 on SERVER: Failed to parse production environment: Failed to match | $ key, to /etc/puppet/manifests/nodes/hhvm.pp:63 to node puppet "
So obviously it's not that easy. Unfortunately I didn't find a tutorial or anything on Stackoverflow to help me.

Question: How can I use the PuPHPet stuff on my real server to get it up and running, or what do I need to change? (Yes, I know, I shouldn't be using X-Debug, but besides?)


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PuPHPet depends on the Puppet analyzer of the future for several tools. The error you are seeing is foreach only available in this parser.

Currently, the easiest way to provide an existing server with PuPHPet configuration is to use this plugin:



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