Are there video VOD (video on demand) APIs there?

I have been looking for this for a while and I cannot find it. I'm looking for video on demand APi, but I can't find it. Please, help.


Let me be clear, I want to shoot THE MATRIX movie through the API so I can show it to the user. Is this what I pretend to be?


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you need to investigate the role of the UltraViolet or Locker Streaming Provider (LASP).

check out UltraViolet for Business,

to connect your service to UltraViolet, or to develop services or components for which you need a license. Download the license pack here:

hope this helps.



You need to look at solutions called "paywall" or "pay-per-view" for the media server you decide to pick up.



There was a Popcorn Time site similar to Netflix in a couple of ways. They made the source code available to each of them, making the project open source after attracting huge media attention.



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