Browse a building with dependencies that require statements in a try-catch block

I'm trying to use timbre.js (npm version) with Browserify, but it requires operators for optional dependencies in a try statement ( see source here ). This breaks the browser build with a message like

 Error: Cannot find module 'lame' from 'such/and/such/a/location'


It seems like someone had the same problem months ago , but is it really a problem with this particular library implementation, or is it very much related to other libraries that have optional CommonJS dependent dependencies?

I tried a browser conversion ('remove-try-require'), which should strip the required expressions from the try blocks, but that didn't seem to work.

Is there a common practice for dealing with things like this? Is the try-catch attempt an invalid statement? What other ways can handle additional dependencies?


(PS - A quick solution would be to get these optional dependencies, but I don't want them.)


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You are compiling a checkbox --ignore-missing

to ignore them.

browserify timbre.node.js --ignore-missing




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