Multi-line comments in Robot framework

Is there a way to comment out multiple lines in the Robot structure.

In python we have an option like '' '' and '' ''.


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There is no block comment function. However, there is a subtle little trick you can use to comment out entire blocks. It is not documented as a multi-line comment function, but it can be used like this.

This trick works in the knowledge that the robot will ignore any data in tables that are not one of the four recognized tables: keywords, tests, settings, or variables. If you have another table, everything underneath it until the next table is ignored.

the relevant section of the user manual says the following:

2.1.4 Data analysis rules

Ignored data

When Robot Framework parses test data, it ignores:

  • All tables that do not start with a recognized table name in the first cell.
  • ...

For example:

*** Test Cases *** 
| test 1 
| | log | this is test one

*** comment ***
| test 2
| | log | this is test two

*** Test Cases ***
| test 3
| | log | this is test three


If you do the above test, you will see that only tests 1 and test3 are executed. Everything in the "comment" table is ignored.



No, you need to use it #

before every line you want to comment out.

However, please note that:

  • If you are working with plain text files, the entire test before the first sector (settings, variables, or test cases) is free text and you do not need to comment on it.
  • some IDEs offer shortcuts to comment multiple lines in one shot, like Ctrl+ /(or Command+ /if you're on a Mac) for PyCharm.


Another trick for those who want to comment and output many lines is to use ctrl + /

. This will mean either the line your cursor is on or any highlighted lines. You can then highlight the lines and use again ctrl + /

to undo the comment.



Ideally, if you want to comment out a line of Robot code, place your cursor on that line and press ctrl + /, it will comment out the line from the beginning of the line. as:

#<<Your Code lines here>>


If you want to specify which specific line or robot keyword is before that line or keyword, just type # and enter a comment. Like:

Click &{Locator}  #This keyword clicks on the locator specified.


Also, you have the option to write documentation for the test case. For example: if your test case is about validating the login script, you can write the documentation as:

Test case name
    [Tags]  Valid_credentials
    [Documentation]  This test case validates Login functionality with valid credentials.
    Your keywords or variable declaration will start here
    finish your test case


Hope this simple tip helps.



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