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Is there a way to get buyer email after purchase using google wallet,

I am using IabHelper.launchSubscriptionPurchaseFlow and after a successful purchase (subscription) only two objects are fetched (IabResult and Purchase), but unfortunately none of them contain the buyer's email address.

Senario is, if a user has more than one email connected to his Android device and has a credit card connected to one of his additional emails, I need to get the email that was used for the purchase in order to use it on the server side.

I hope to find someone helping me with this issue because I spend a lot of time on this problem and unfortunately I haven't found a solution.



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I think that in a successful purchase reply you may not be able to receive the buyer's email.

So it is possible using the AccountManager class , which you simply call with the following method in onIabPurchaseFinished .

public static String getemailId(Activity act){
        Pattern emailPattern = Patterns.EMAIL_ADDRESS;
        Account[] accounts= AccountManager.get(act).getAccounts();
        String userEmailId="";
        for (Account account : accounts) {
            if (emailPattern.matcher( {
                userEmailId =;

        return userEmailId;


This method will return the email_id of the customer for future use.

Hope this helps you.



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