Appium & Webdriver (webdriverjs) - unable to execute javascript code

I am trying to execute javascript Appium test using WD . My code should look something like this:

"use strict";

var wd = require("wd");
var chai = require("chai");
var chaiAsPromised = require("chai-as-promised");
var jQuery = require("jQuery");

chaiAsPromised.transferPromiseness = wd.transferPromiseness;
var desired = {
    "appium-version": "1.0",
    platformName: "iOS",
    platformVersion: "7.1",
    deviceName: "iPhone Retina (3.5-inch)",
    app: "/Users/{myuser}/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/{MyApp}/Build/Products/Debug-iphonesimulator/",

var browser = wd.promiseChainRemote("", 4723);

browser.init(desired).then(function() {

    var getIframe = function(){
        //var r = jQuery('#myIframe');
        return {'response':"1"};//only for testing that this method works...

    return browser

        .elementByName("Show Webview").click()
        .contexts().then(function (contexts) { // get list of available views. Returns array: ["NATIVE_APP","WEBVIEW_1"]
            return browser.context(contexts[1]); // choose the webview context
        .fin(function() {
            //return browser.quit();
}, function(e){console.log(e);}).done(); 


I am running this code with node mytest.js


The problem is that I cannot execute the js code. In this case, I get the following error:

Error: [execute()] Not JSON response


What am I doing wrong?


  • What I am finally trying to do here is access and control the iFrame in my code (on the same domain) using iFrame.contentDocument

  • My attachment to use 'execute like this: this post

Tpi, Yanov


I was able to execute javascript using the safeExecute method instead of "execute". My problem is that I don't have access to the "window" object, so I cannot run "jQuery" or "window.document.getElementById" ...


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