Paypal sandbox: "This transaction could not be completed"

I'm in sandbox mode for duplicate accounts on Magento.
The parameters are fine and Magento redirects me to the Paypal sandbox to pay and register my recurring billing in the "test account store".

I am logged in with my personal test account (previously announced at ). Sign in ok, then display PayPal "wait a minute, transaction continues" and then I get "This transaction could not be completed" (on the sandbox site).

Page with the image of this message:

I got nothing.

How can I fix this? is there an IP limit for the sandbox?


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Sometimes the customer email address used in the order has problems with PayPal. Try to use a completely (even unreal) email address for the client.

Also consider setting up a business account at rather than a facilitator account.

One more point to see how you get your credentials. If you got your credentials using this button from a Magento admin, try doing it differently by going directly to the developer dashboard and clicking on the account profile link used in the magento config (see image).

I hope one of these suggestions helps you.

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