ACH Transfer payment with Paypal in php

I am trying to find api from PayPal to transfer money from PayPal account to bank account means ACH payment.

After searching, I found this pdf file . but i can't find the api code.

Is this ACH Payment possible with PayPal?
If so, how to do it in php?
what i am looking for is documentation that helps me with payment. so any help is appreciated.

Sidenote: Once upon a time, I made an ACH payment using the Stripe Api. in which I create a recipient account and later transfer money to that recipient. So is the process the same for PayPal?

Thanks in advance.


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What is PDF for ... Although this is a PayPal product, it is just part of the gateway. To use this service, you will need a merchant account (i.e. with a bank) that supports ACH as well as a PayFlow account.

It looks like you are asking about Payments Pro where PayPal is your gateway and merchant account. In this case, PayPal does not directly support ACH (this technically happens for PayPal customers, but this is not something you control).

To expand on this, the API does not provide you with a way to manage your PayPal account through the API. Withdrawing ACH to a bank account can only be initiated by logging in. This is the same as updating addresses, adding / removing bank accounts, etc.



I suggest using the Checkbook Bank API to transfer money between two bank accounts.



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