Find parent ListViewItem of button in Click event

I have a button as the last column of each ListViewItem. When the button is clicked I need to find the list item of the parent list of buttons (senders) in the click event.

I tried:

ListViewItem itemToCancel = (sender as System.Windows.Controls.Button).Parent as ListViewItem;

DiscoverableItem itemToCancel = (sender as System.Windows.Controls.Button).Parent as DiscoverableItem;


DiscoverableItem is the type to which the list is bound. I've tried all different combinations and each one returns null.

Thanks, Meisenman


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You can use VisualTreeHelper

to get a representation of the ancestor of some element. Of course, it only supports a method GetParent

, but we can implement some recursive method or something similar to walk up the tree until the desired parent type is found:

public T GetAncestorOfType<T>(FrameworkElement child) where T : FrameworkElement
    var parent = VisualTreeHelper.GetParent(child);
    if (parent != null && !(parent is T)) 
        return (T)GetAncestorOfType<T>((FrameworkElement)parent);
    return (T) parent;


Then you can use this method like this:

var itemToCancel = GetAncestorOfType<ListViewItem>(sender as Button);
//more check to be sure if it is not null 
//otherwise there is surely not any ListViewItem parent of the Button
if(itemToCancel != null){




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