Runtime of the selected device error on the playground

I work in a playground. I accidentally used OSX Playgrounds instead of iOS Playgrounds, so I opened up a new iOS Playground. When I opened Playground I immediately got this error:

"The execution time has not been set for the selected device."

This error appears every time I try to inject something into the site. This did not happen on the playgrounds I created which were OSX.

Yes, I turned it off and on again. :)

I see in this question:

There is no runtime set for the selected device.

that other people have a similar problem when they try to run the simulator.

Has anyone else encountered this problem and can provide some insight into this? Thank!


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Playground Bare files don't work very well. Here's a workaround:

Create a new iOS project from one of the templates and create it. Now add a new file to this project and make it an iOS playground. The playground will now work.



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