How to use enum in iOS 8 Swift public interface API

I am trying to create a Swift environment used by other iOS 8 apps using Swift or Objective C.

In several of my public functions, I needed to use an enum. Of course Swift has enums, but they are not compatible with client applications using Objective C. So, I tried to use an Objective C type enum of the form:

typedef NS_ENUM(NSInteger, MyEnumType)


To make this type of enum publicly available, I place this declaration in PublicEnums.h. To access my Swift code, I need this line in my framework project Bridging-Header.h:

#import "PublicEnums.h"


But then I get this error:

Include a non-modular header inside the 'MyFramework' frame module, which puts a line in the auto-generated file MyFramework-Swift.h:

#import "/Users/sourcepath.../ObjectiveC/MyFramework-Bridging-Header.h"


Isn't there a way to use some kind of enum in a Swift framework that can be used from an Objective C application?


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I just tested this on a new project and everything works fine. I think your error is due to misuse of the bridge header.

I think you shouldn't be importing the bridge header using the import statement. It should be automatically added to your target build settings under the header keyword:

Objective-C Bridging Header ------     projectName/projectName-Bridging-Header.h


The raw name of this key SWIFT_OBJC_BRIDGING_HEADER



    let x = MyEnumType.Blue
    println("\(x.toRaw())") // 1


Note that in Xcode 6.1, the last line would use rawValue




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