Printing an Iframe with PDF generated on the fly IE 11

I wanted to print a pdf that is generated on the fly in an iframe, but cannot print this pdf. This is what I have now, am I doing something wrong? Works fine on Google Chrome but not IE 11. Please help me get this working. thanks in advance

this is the HTML markup

<div id="contractFrameContainer" class="modal-body row">        
  <iframe id="contractIframe" name="contractIframe" width="100%" src=""></iframe>


Here is my javascript where I assign src

iframme to dynamic url (this url generates pdf)

var url = currentUrl + '/contracts/createpdf?ProductId=' + Id + '&type='
                                    + Type + '&term=' + Term
                                    + '&deductible=' + Deductible
                                    + '&key=' + OrderNumber
                                    + '&financedAmount=' + financedAmount
                                    + '&downpayment=' + downpayment
                                    + '&apr=' + apr
                                    + '&tire=' + tireRotation
                                    + '&interval=' + interval
                                    + '&salesPrice=' + salesPrice
                                    + '&dealerCost=' + DealerCost
                                    + '&mileage=' + Mileage 
                                    + '&serviceDate=' + serviceDate
                                    + '&penSurcharges=' + penSurcharges
                                    + '&price=' + Price;

        var iframe = document.getElementById("contractIframe");
        iframe.height = heightBody;        
        iframe.src = url;


And finally, here's where I try to print



In IE 11 send me the error "Invalid caller"

I tried this too:




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My workaround first generated the PDF (save disk space) and then used the generated url and put it in an object <embed>

(with this you can use the print method from IE)

var ua = window.navigator.userAgent,
        msie = ua.indexOf("MSIE "),
        obj = null;

// Generate the embed object for IE
if (msie > 0 || !!navigator.userAgent.match(/Trident.*rv\:11\./)) {
        obj = document.createElement('embed');
        obj.setAttribute("type", "application/pdf");
        obj.setAttribute("id", "pdf1"); = '100%';
        obj.height = heightBody + 'px';
        obj.setAttribute("src", url); // here set the url for generated pdf file

// Place this where you print the embed (button, link...)
if (msie > 0 || !!navigator.userAgent.match(/Trident.*rv\:11\./)) {


For other browsers like Chrome you can use the same approach (save the file to disk) and use an iframe (this works)

obj = document.createElement('iframe');
obj.setAttribute("type", "application/pdf");
obj.setAttribute('id', 'pdf2');
obj.setAttribute('src', url); = '100%';
obj.height = heightBody + 'px';


In the print button you can put this:



Hope this helps someone else.



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