Slow Ember-CLI build times?

I recently upgraded my project to Ember-CLI 0.0.46 and I am noticing significant slowdowns in my projects ...

Build successful - 259366ms.

 Slowest Trees                  | Total
TreeMerger (ExternalTree)      | 77565ms
CompassCompiler                | 43122ms
TreeMerger                     | 38668ms
TreeMerger (stylesAndVendor)   | 36651ms
TreeMerger (appAndDependencies) | 20901ms


It seems CRAZY. Of course, I'm using Bootstrap, but still, it was NOT that bad until recently. The only component I added is oauth2 support.

There have been several conversations (on Github in my opinion) about adding a view in an assembly showing how many files were affected in total. What happened to this?

Thanks for any ideas.


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The ember-cli project has greatly improved the performance of the build pipeline since then. If I remember correctly, there was also a bug in the older version regarding tmp files that degraded performance which could be the cause.

My recommendation is to upgrade to the latest version available.



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