How do I change the font in my RMarkdown2 presentation?

I am using RStudio RMarkdown2 ioslides_presentation . When I use non-English letters like "Δ™" it looks really bad:

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How to easily change the font in RMarkdown2 presentation?


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Rmarkdown presentation

When using the ioslides

rmarkdown presentation , I think the only way to change the font family is to provide custom CSS. Therefore, you should add the following to your preamble:

    css: style.css


And then create a file style.css

in the presentation directory with something like this:

* {font-family: Helvetica !important}


RStudio R presentation

With RStudio R presentations as described here:

You can specify the parameter font-family

in the preamble of your file rmarkdown

. Something like that:

Presentation title
author: My name
font-family: 'Helvetica'


This will define the font family for the entire document. If you only want to customize some of the elements, such as headers, you will need to create and add a custom CSS file.



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