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I have Framework and workspace (project + pods). I want the environment to use the workspace classes (both project and containers). Then when I distribute my framework I need it to have references to the above classes. How should I do it?


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Cocoapods provides a means to add a dependency to a container. So, for example, a coconut drink I'm writing may require the project to have the latest AFNetworking

cocoapod installed. I can also use other frameworks like CoreLocation

, CoreBluetooth


If you are building your framework as a cocoapod, you should be able to add a list of dependencies to be added at startup:

pod install

I created the framework as a package before and used something like this in my podspec:

s.source              =  { :git => ' <destination Git repo> ', :tag => '0.0.1' }
s.ios.xcconfig        =  { 'FRAMEWORK_SEARCH_PATHS' => '"$(PODS_ROOT)/<MyFrameWorkName>"' }
s.ios.preserve_paths  =  '<MyFrameWorkName>.framework'


Then you should be able to require cocoapod to have other dependencies like:

s.frameworks   = 'QuartzCore'

s.ios.weak_frameworks =  'CoreBluetooth'

s.dependency 'SDWebImage',                  '~> 3.7'
s.dependency 'GoogleAnalytics-iOS-SDK',     '3.0.3c'


Now when you / someone else installs your infrastructure via cocoapods, they will have everything they need to install in the project.



You can create a new workspace, including all of them, by writing the podfile like this:

workspace 'AllInOne.xcworkspace'
xcodeproj 'Workspace/Workspace.xcodeproj'
xcodeproj 'Framework/Framework.xcodeproj'

target 'ProjectA' do
  platform :ios, '8.0'
  xcodeproj 'Workspace/Workspace.xcodeproj'
  pod 'nameofpod', '~> .1'

target 'Framework' do
  platform :ios, '8.0'
  xcodeproj 'Framework/Framework.xcodeproj'



Create a new folder (with a name such as "AllInOne"). In this folder place your framework folder which has framework.xcodeproj and also place your workspace folder. Now create a podfile in the AllInOne folder. At the end, these files should be present in this directory:

AllInOne / Workspace / Workspace.xcodeproj

AllInOne / Framework / Framework.xcodeproj

AllInOne / podfile

AllInOne / AllInOne.xcworkspace



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