Local hgignore not working

I'm trying to stop tracking changes in a subdirectory, so I followed the instructions below and added the following to. \ hg \ hgrc:

ignore = "C:\[...\myrepo]\.hg\.hgignore"


where this .hgignore contains

syntax: glob


But when I run hg status

I get the following error:

skipping unreadable ignore file 'C:\[...\myrepo]\.hg\.hgignore"': invalid mode ('r') or filename


What does this error mean? And how can I fix this?


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FWIW. The instructions say to create the file ".hg / hgignore", not ".hg / .hgignore".

Are you sure you are consistently using .hgignore vs. hgignore? If I use either sequentially, but it works correctly, but if they are incompatible, I see an error message.



I got this error after installing SourceTree. I removed



from the mercurial.ini file in my home directory (C: \ Users \ myusername) and that fixed it.



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