Capture scanned barcode from any web page in web application

The webapp I inherited has some jquery code that captures a barcode scan (simple 1-D barcode like fitness clubs and grocery stores - no QR codes, nothing exotic, etc.) ... But the way this is implemented requires a modal box to come up with a counter on it, then you scan and it works. Our clients don't like this. They want to be able to scan a barcode from any web page in the application, and don't have to go to a specific page and have a modal window up, blocking everything else before scanning.

I looked at this with interest: (I just can't get it to work.) I tried this in the webpage:

<script type="text/javascript" src="Scripts/barcode/jquery.scannerdetection.js"></script>
    $(window).bind('scannerDetectionComplete', function (e, data) {


I also tried $(document).bind(...)


The actual source documents just say to do $(selector).scannerDetection();

They do not provide examples of actual use.

I really don't care if I'm using this jquery plugin, some other jquery plugin, custom jquery, or some piece of javascript code. I just need something that detects the scan of a barcode from any web page without resorting to a modal listener. If anyone knows how to get the "jQuery-Scanner-Detection" plugin (mentioned above) to work, I'd like to try that too. Thank.


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The document is ready;)

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {

            alert('complete '+data.string);
            console.log('detection error '+data.string);






This is how I use it and it works great:

$(selector).scannerDetection(function(data) {


//whatever you want



I don't find it necessary to bind it to your window or document, which you can work with with your selector.



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