Is there a manual / list of Gtk CSS special properties?

I'm trying to reverse engineer some of the Gtk3 widgets in my application (like scrollbars or panels) but couldn't set borders and other properties for specially crafted panels.

Then I found some CSS data in / usr / share / themes / Adwaita / gtk -3.0 / gtk.gresource that use special Gtk properties like "-GtkPaned-handle-size", "-GtkCheckButton-indicator-size" and etc.

They weren't listed in DevHelp and I couldn't find one on I think properties like this might be exactly what I need. Is there a list of them with or without a possible description?

EDIT: I wouldn't search too much for them in the source code if that's the only way to find property names. Can anyone point me to the right place to look, please?



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They come from the names of the "style properties" - they can be found in Devhelp under the regular properties section.

The corresponding CSS property names are constructed as -ClassName-property-name

; therefore -GtkPaned-handle-size

will be a handle-size

property GtkPaned


Note that the style properties will be removed in GTK 4 and everything will be customizable using normal CSS properties.



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