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In a typical Android app, I can use the navigation drawer to navigate between top-level views (app sections) What should I use in TV apps? I only see an option for two levels of content organization Categories → Movies But in our application we have several sections ("Live Channels", "Movies on Demand", "Recorded Shows, etc.") with categories in most of them. Can the standard and be used?


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In short: no. BrowseFragment

and DetailsFragment

should be a quick and easy way for developers to bring their content to TVs. They force you to that specific structure that is fairly easy to understand and navigate.

If you are willing to go for a custom experience, you will need to create your version BrowseFragment

using HeadersFragment

and RowsFragment

. This turns out to be quite a headache , but I managed to get it done for my enterprise application. If you are interested, I will write an article / article about it.


Here's the article ! It's part of a larger collection called Building for Android TV if you want to watch.



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