Failed to create dcm4chee-arc-cdi

I am trying to create dcm4chee-arc-cdi with code cloned from github:

However, when issuing the build command as described in

mvn install -D db=psql

I am getting the following error:

[ERROR] Failed to execute target in project dcm4chee-arc-conf: Could not resolve dependencies for project org.dcm4che.dcm4chee-arc: dcm4chee-arc-conf: jar: 4.5.0-SNAPSHOT: The following artifacts cannot be resolved: org.dcm4che: dcm4che-Conf-api: bank: 3.3.8-snapshot, org.dcm4che: dcm4che-Conf-DICOM: bank: 3.3.8-snapshot, org.dcm4che: dcm4che-ImageIO: bank: 3.3.8- SNAPSHOT, org.dcm4che: dcm4che-net-HL7: jar: 3.3.8-SNAPSHOT, org.dcm4che: dcm4che-Conf-api-HL7: jar: 3.3.8-snapshot, org.dcm4che: dcm4che-SoundEx: jar: 3.3.8-snapshot, org.dcm4che.dcm4chee-storage: dcm4chee-storage-service: jar: 2.1.0-PANORAMA: Could not find org.dcm4che: dcm4che-conf-api: jar: 3.3.8-SNAPSHOT in http : // was cached in the local repository

Does anyone have any suggestion on how to overcome this? thank


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It seems like some other projects needed to be built before dcm4chee-arc-cdi.

These were:

The dcm4che 3 library ( )
The configuration layer ( )
The storage layer ( )
The monitoring framework ( )




It seems the release repository ( ) does not support the expected versions.

Take dcm4che-conf-api-hl7

for example. Its stated version (3.3.8-SNAPSHOT) does not exist at
I think other similar errors.

I suggest that you contact one of the project participants, for example Umberto Cappellini

For a workaround, you can edit the main one pom.xml

and replace the missing versions with the actual versions that you find in the repository I mentioned above.

Hope this helps.



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