Xcode 6 auto-link issue (or bug)

When I switched from Xcode 5 to Xcode 6 this issue came up: Setting layout constraints for UIView:

Trailing viewing space: 0 Leading viewing space: 0

I am getting this enter image description here To properly set up the view to fill the whole screen, I have to put:

End viewing space: -16 Leading viewing space: -16

enter image description here

And it won't be a big problem if it works on all devices, but it doesn't. All iPhones under 6 work like this. The iPhone 6 plus, however, needs different constraints to fill the supervisor (the whole screen in my case). Also iPad.

Is there any method for customizing the views to populate the entire supervisor without fitting into every configuration of every device?

Vertical constraints work as usual, only horizontal constraints are weird.

Note that working with old storyboards in Xcode 6 works like a charm, but new ones are broken.


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Discard the margin option when placing constraints. It should work.

Just remove the "Constrain to margins" option like in the screenshot

enter image description here



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