Admob integration for Android issue?

Hello friends i am new to android, i developed app in android and integrated admob into android app but i got email from google as invalid traffic, deleted invalid activity and then my admob account is disabled .i used admob with services google play. Please help me and tell me good tutorials on admob integration in android.

And I got this email from admob also

Description of violation

REMOVING GOOGLE PLAY: AdMob publishers are not allowed to abuse or advertise abuse of any Google product such as Google Play, YouTube or Blogger. This includes bypassing or providing a means to circumvent the policies or terms of these or other Google products, for example by allowing users to upload videos to YouTube.

If your app has been removed by Google Play policy, please contact Google Play to remove the app. If Google Play repairs your app, please submit a request to our team.

Action Taken: Check Account for Compliance As long as ad serving is disabled for the above app, your AdMob account remains active. We suggest that you take the time to review the rest of your apps to ensure they comply with our policies and track your apps accordingly to reduce the likelihood of receiving future emails from you. Additionally, please note that our team reserves the right to disable accounts at any time if we continue to see violations.

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You click your own ads multiple times. with purpose or not, you allow other users (users using the same network) to click on your ads. For whatever reason, never click on your own ads, this is the golden rule. if you want to view and click on your ads, you must use the ID TEST DEVICE. see link Testing that admob is working before posting



Please check below link

in that see Invalid clicks and impressions you got a response why your account will be disabled.



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