Akavache has no such table: SchemaInfo

I am trying to use Akavache with Xamarin. I have installed Akavache package from Android and Windows Phone NuGet projects.


BlobCache.ApplicationName = "MyApp4";
BlobCache.LocalMachine.InsertObject("key", "Value");


The third line throws an error (for both Android and Windows Phone):

Akavache.Sqlite3.Internal.SQLiteException: no such table: SchemaInfo


What am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance:)


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The exception is the exception for the first change, but is processed. So just F5 and carry on. Paul Betts explains the reasons here https://github.com/akavache/Akavache/issues/195#issuecomment-66576874

"Yes, so to explain what it does, it looks for a table that we internally use for migration (so that we can change the Akavache format on disk without breaking existing data), this table is never found in new databases, so we have there is an exception to first chance. "



I ran into this with Xamarin.iOS. It got "fixed", but it may not be the same reason. And while I don't have a complete explanation of the "why", for me the problem seems to be something amiss in the simulator files. By dropping all the saved simulator state files the problem went away. The weird thing is that the "Reset Content and Settings ..." simulator wasn't good enough and didn't just switch to a new simulator. (Doesn't restart the simulator / XamStudio, nor complete cleanups / rebuilds, etc.). It started working when I cleared all files for all simulators found in hidden simulator folders ... Or perhaps it was a chicken that I donated at the same time. Maybe a chicken.

The location of the iOS simulator files on Mac changed in iOS8. The following column lists both the pre-ios8 and ios8 locations: Path to Documents Directory for iOS 8 Beta Simulator . (Unfortunately, ios8 makes this a little harder to find.)

Perhaps the same weirdness can happen in Android emulators ...



I experienced the same problem using Xamarin. My fix was to disable the System.Exception breakpoint.



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