How to investigate what's in the Meteor appCache

I recently added the Meteor package appcache

as I got the following error message:

** You are using the appcache package but the total size of the
** cached resources is 7.6MB.
** This is over the recommended maximum of 5 MB and may break your
** app in some browsers! See
** for more information and fixes.


It's hard to believe my scripts are this size and mine is /public

completely empty. In Firefox, I went to about:cache

and looked at appcache

- but I only saw my script files, although it might include outdated versions of the same file. [The search localhost:3000/packages/jquery.js

returned two results with different IDs.] No script file was larger than 200 KB, so I can hardly get to 7.6 MB.

Is this only a developmental event, and if not, how else can I see what Meteor is putting in the appcache to achieve this size?


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Appcache will be smaller during production.

You can view an app for an individual page in Chrome by choosing View> Developer> Developer Tools, then Resources> App Cache. ( about:cache

in Firefox it seems to display cache for all sites.)

Here are my findings:

  • When I run my site during development, the largest file is jQuery, which is 1.2MB (a bit strange considering unminified jQuery is only about 250k).

  • When I run my site in production (using meteor run --production

    or deploying a site for real) the largest file is a single file with 756k JavaScript. This leaves a lot of room for images, etc.



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