Why is my updated app crashing to launch for IOS8 only?

Recently (October 2, 2014) I presented a new version of our application for IOS8. It used to run and run on IOS8 before, but had some bugs that I fixed before resubmitting:

  • Stripe Pod update because I was using an older version which started experiencing SSL error with IOS8.
  • Updated CLLocationManager code to use kCLAuthorizationStatusAuthorizedWhenInUse (since IOS8 does not support backward compatibility for requesting kCLAuthorizationStatusAuthorized status).
  • Added a new, non-critical Swift view controller, for testing with Swift on the same project / compatibility.

The app got an accelerated review, but when the new version finally hit the app store, I was in a nasty surprise.

The app is launched on startup on IOS8 devices. Regardless of update or fresh install (remove app + data and reload), but this is not done on the IO7.

I turned to Apple for help with this issue because the binary I sent them worked fine on my IO8 device and my other IOS8 testers via Testflight as well as IOS7. The provided binary should run fine, but it won't.

Some studies:

Does anyone know what else might be causing this, or even how to debug the problem? I am perplexed about how it works perfectly on Testflight, etc.


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This was a bug in the App Store code signing process and has been fixed. Affected applications have committed their code signatures and are pushed out as updates.



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