Laravel ClassLoader contains wrong / old file

in laravel 4 app a few weeks ago i created a workbench package:



This package has a class named Handler

in the path /workbench/no-native/src/events/

, declared like this:

namespace Wizard\events;

class Handler{



To reset the autoload via composer, I added it:

"autoload": {
    "classmap": [
    "psr-0": {
        "NoNative\\Wizard\\": "src/"


Ok, with this structure the package worked very well. Yesterday I had to move this package from workbench/no-native

to workbench/native

. The steps were as follows:

  • Move directory wizard

    from no-native

    to native

  • Update paths and namespaces.
  • Update the package builder to target the new file structure.
  • Run the following commands (in native

    , new path):

    /home/user/public_html/my-app/workbench/native/wizard# composer update
    /home/user/public_html/my-app/workbench/native/wizard# composer dump-autoload

Upon completion, I noticed that on my localhost instance, the application works fine with changes, but on my real server, an exception is shown:

include (/home/user/public_html/my-app/workbench/no-native/wizard/src/events/Handler.php): failed to open stream: no file or directory: / home / user / public_html / my-app / vendor / composer / ClassLoader.php line 382

I am assuming the application is still trying to load the Handler class from the old path. Then I ran the commands to "clean" or "optimize" the application:

# php artisan optimize
# php artisan dump-autoload


And the exception still exists. The live server has the same code on my localhost instance because both work with cloned sources via Github. I don't know if I am missing anything else. My last option is to create a new package using the command and then create the classes again. But before doing that, I would like to ask you for alternatives.

Thanks in advance.


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Is your package repository up to date. Many times it doesn't automatically update when pushing code to github, so try to force-update it. After that, try cleaning catche composer and then run php artisan dump-autoload.



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