MobaXterm - reset by peer on SSH server

I am using MobaXterm and that is really pretty much all I need.

However, on some server, I was unable to connect to it via SSH. Since it works with putty, I have one from MobaXterm. "Reading from socket failed: peer reset connection."

Anyone come across this behavior? For information, I only have this error on a few of my servers, are others working fine?

I am using the home version of MobaXterm v7.0.



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I had the same problem before, but it was solved in MobaXterm version 7.1:

  • download [MobaXterm] ( version 7.1 or later
  • go to the global settings window
  • go to the "SSH" tab.
  • check the box: Workaround for "reset by peer connection"


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