SourceMeter plugin for SonarQube 4.4 errors due to analyze.xml issue. Has anyone been able to solve this?

I am evaluating the SourceMeter plugin for SonarQube using SonarQube 4.4 and the plugin downloaded from the SourceMeter site . Although I'm trying to do a code review for a Java project, it always gives me an error on the next line of parsing .xml.

ERROR: Error while executing sonar runner ERROR: Unable to execute Sonar ERROR: Caused: The following error occurred while executing this line: E: \ CI \ SourceMeter-Java-6.0-x64-windows \ analy.xml: 479: exec returned: 255 ERROR : called: exec returned: 255

Line number 479 looks like this.

Could you please help me understand what might be the likely cause of this problem?


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Tried the same (?) In this environment:

  • Windows 7
  • Maven project
  • SonarQube

The problem comes from Windows not handling quotes of any particular problem when trying to start a Java process: "C:\dev\maven\repository\org\eclipse\persistence\javax.persistence\2.1.0\javax.persistence-2.1.0.jar" kann syntaktisch an dieser Stelle nicht verarbeitet werden.

(which means something like a syntax error)

This is expressed in some executeJANScript.bat

containing strings set JOPTIONS="-j:|-cp ".;C:\dev\maven\repository\org\eclipse\persistence\javax.persistence\2.1.0\javax.persistence-2.1.0.jar;C:\...""

where the outer quotes must be omitted.



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