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I have a paid app and you can see that the quota is 90,040 per day for the channels created.

I have looked through all the cloud pricing pages and developer pricing pages and I don't see any pricing relative to the cost per channel created after 100 free limits. this page says the daily limit is "Based on your budget" but I don't see any costs online.

I have to assume that I get 90,040 free per day for paid apps


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As I understand it, the price has changed recently and why the documentation is a little confusing. It used to be that you paid a tiny amount for each channel (about 0.0001 - don't remember how many zeros there are).

Now this tiny charge is canceled. You just pay for the processor and bandwidth your channels use. This is why he speaks on budget.

This is the same story with email and various other APIs as mentioned here: . I'm pretty sure the channel API should be included in the last row in the resource billing table.



It costs 10,000 microgrids to create a channel (or 100 channels per cent, see appstats ).

See a more detailed answer to the same question:!topic/google-appengine/uQFWM6F--hY



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