Contextual gadget Gmail. What is the updated way to create?

I want to create my own gmail gadget. The problem is that Google changed the way to do it. It began in November 2013, and in October 2014 the old path was completely corrupted.


Which web page should I follow? Which Google service should I use? Does he remain, in-house contextual gadget

or has he been corrupted?


Google Apps Engine


does not allow me to deploy the application as it requires OAuth 2.0

. Should I use developers console


)? There is a web page

. Updated?

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I had exactly the same problem and searched all over the place.

The way described at seems to be completely out of date. Even the form in the Google Apps Console for Gadgets seems outdated.

You need to follow this description:

Context gadgets are now developed using the API console (not the app console) and there is a form to create extractors, etc.



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