Erase whitspace and lowercase before hyphen - filename

I have a lot of text files that I rename in a specific format. Below I can remove spaces and make lowercase letters. However, this is not the desired result.

How could I format (strip out spaces and make lowercase letters) everything before the hyphen and then only take the first space after the hyphen?

find /temp/ -depth -name "* *" -type f -exec rename 's/ +\././; y/A-Z /a-z_/' {} +


Input result:

Hello Video - KEEP.txt





Desired output:




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If it was a file, I would use:

sed -re 's/^([^-]*)-\s*([^\.]*)/\L\1-\U\2/' -e 's/ /_/g' file


  • s/^([^-]*)-\s*([^\.]*)/\L\1-\U\2/

    converts everything from the beginning of the file to a dash to lowercase -

    . It is then converted to uppercase up to a dot.
  • s/ /_/g

    converts all spaces to underscores _


For your text, it returns:



If you want to keep the word as it is, from -

to .

, use \E

to recover. Then we can also get rid of the excess _-

by replacing it with just -

(a little ugly, I know).

$ cat file
Hello Video - KEEP.txt
My File - KeEp.txt
$ sed -re 's/^([^-]*)-\s*([^\.]*)/\L\1\E-\2/' -e 's/ /_/g' -e 's/_-/-/g' file


As a reminder, these are the ways to change upper / lower case:

  • \L

    - convert all subsequent characters to lowercase
  • \U

    - convert all valid characters to uppercase
  • \E

    - leave all valid symbols in their current case

How can you celebrate his work? Scroll through the command results find


while read -r file
   new_file=$(echo "$file" | sed -re 's/^([^-]*)-\s*([^\.]*)/\L\1\E-\2/' -e 's/ /_/g' -e 's/_-/-/g')
   echo "mv '$file' '$new_file'"
done < <(find . -type f ...)


For a given input, this will create this content:

mv './My File - KeEp.txt' './my_file-KeEp.txt'
mv './Hello Video - KEEP.txt' './hello_video-KEEP.txt'


once you are sure that it works, just remove echo

and use mv

. Please note that quotes are required! Otherwise, it will not handle spaces in filenames correctly.



You can use \L

to convert to lowercase:

rename 's/ +\././; y/ /_/; s/(.*?-)/\L$1/'




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