Composer / Packagist ignore branches

So, I have the following branches in my Github repository: (follows "git flow")

  • master (latest stable release: 1.1.0)
  • develop (2.0.0)
  • Function / feature_in_dev
  • Function / other_feature_in_dev
  • release /1.0.0
  • release /1.1.0

I already know how to create branch aliases, for example for releases. I could technically delete the file composer.json

every time I add a new feature branch and then commit it back as soon as I'm ready to merge it with develop

, but that would be very annoying and forgettable.

My question is, how can I hide feature branches from Packagist?


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A branch can be hidden from packagist if the branch does not contain a file composer.json

in the root folder.



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