Direct printing from the tablet phonebook app

I am writing a phonegap app for android tablet:

Basically I have two storage areas (say tires and brakes). people in both departments have a tablet app. the app is a to-do list app synced to db; people should print selected items on a paper receipt (so different people can print the list and collect items in the storage area without having to carry the tablet themselves).

cannot find a way to print; the truth is, I'm not very happy with printer technology. here is what i tried and what i assume:

-i tried some phone call plugins that use Google Cloud Print, they work but a confirmation page (preview) appears every time leaving the app screen.

- on the server side, I could do it with php, but it sounds silly (apparently) to do network printing via php, sending the list from tablet to server via json and then to the printer of the desired department

-i have no experience with bluetooth or wifi printers (of course they do, but are there any with something like an API? something like an out-of-the-box mprinter?)

Any smarter way?


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