Non-main selector heightForRow: AtIndex in cocos2d during validation in Xcode 6

I recently updated my Xcode to 6.0.1 from 5.1.1. Although while checking out my current Cocos2d v3.1 project the iTunes store was showing me a warning

iTunes Store operation failed.
The app references non-public selectors in Payload/<AppName>.app/<AppName>:tableView:heightForRowAtIndex:


Validation Warning

Is there any way out to resolve this warning?


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Oh it was related to the CCTableView class in the Cocos2d 3.1 library. There is a method name - (float) tableView:(CCTableView*)tableView heightForRowAtIndex:(NSUInteger) index;

in CCTableViewDataSource

declared in CCTableView.h

. Probably, this method was also declared in some other class, and CCTableView.m

called this method by calling [dataSource respondsToSelector:@selector(tableView:heightForRowAtIndex:)];


I changed the name of the method by declaring it as - (float) ccTableView:(CCTableView*)tableView heightForRowAtIndex:(NSUInteger) index;

in CCTableViewDataSource

and changing the corresponding call in the file CCTableView.m

to replace [dataSource respondsToSelector:@selector(tableView:heightForRowAtIndex:)];

with [dataSource respondsToSelector:@selector(ccTableView:heightForRowAtIndex:)];

and [_dataSource tableView:self heightForRowAtIndex:i];

with [_dataSource ccTableView:self heightForRowAtIndex:i];




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