Google Cloud Print from a specific tray

I am trying to implement silent printing from a .NET web application using Google Cloud Print, the requirement is to print different documents from a different tray such as invoices from Tray 1, envelopes from Tray 2, business cards from Tray 3.

Below is the code I am trying to follow:

postString.Params.Add(new PostDataParam { Name = "vendor_ticket_item", Value = "{\"vendor_ticket_item\":[{\"id\":\"psk:JobInputBin\",\"value\":\"ns0000:Tray 2\"}]}", Type = PostDataParamType.Field });
p.Params.Add(new PostDataParam { Name = "title", Value = title, Type = PostDataParamType.Field });


It doesn't work, I even tried various options in -> Submit Job API and nobody seems to get documents printed from a specific tray.

Please suggest anyone to reach Google Cloud Print from a specific tray from any type of code


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