Anyone having a hard time getting ZBar to work in their iOS8 / Xcode project?

Has anyone else experienced this issue with ZBar? My app stopped detecting barcodes when I migrated my project to XCode 6 / iOS8 and I am using ZBar 1.3 code. No error message is displayed. The app just stopped detecting barcodes. I have recompiled my ZBar project for arm64, armv7 and armv7s and combined the simulator and iphone libzbar.a file into one and re-entered into my project. Still unable to scan with ZBar in my application and I noticed that there are about 245 warnings in the ZBar code, which arise, for example, due to deprecation of functions in iOS6 and iOS7. I also noticed that another developer app using ZBar stopped working when I updated my phone to iOS8. BTW: It looks like the ZBar code hasn't been updated since 2012 in I can just write my own barcode scanning program using the AVFoundation framework.


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We decided to ditch ZBar and just write our own barcode scanning routine using the Avfoundation framework. We like ZBar a lot, but the source hasn't been touched after 2 years and there are many deprecations around there that need to be fixed and the Avfoundation system is very simple and easy to use to scan the barcode. Check out this link for a simple tutorial to get started ( ).



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