Is there a way to get the loop counter of a for loop without using a range?

If I have a for loop using a range like this:

for x in range(10):


then it is just x to get the score. But tell me I have a for loop using a list:

layer = [somedata,someotherdata...etc]
for row in layer:
     print #the number the loop is on


Is there a way to do this other than specifying an integer variable count and incrementing it each run like this?

layer = [somedata]
count = 0
for row in layer:
    print count
    count += 1



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You can use enumerate

. This will give you the count of each iteration and the value you iterate over.

Note: for example, range

you can specify at which index to start counting.

for count, row in enumerate(layer):
    print count




layer = ['a', 'b', 'c', 'd']
for index, value in enumerate(layer):
    print 'Index: {} Value: {}'.format(index,value)



Index: 0 Value: a
Index: 1 Value: b
Index: 2 Value: c
Index: 3 Value: d




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