How to create instances of the base character class

For a class to be bound to GameObject

, it must inherit from MonoBehaviour

. If I create a base character class containing all the attributes shared by both NPCs and PCs, how do I instantiate this class and attach it to game objects? To give a concrete example of the problem, if the base character class has variables like health, stamina, strength, etc. and I want a particular game object to have a certain set of these attributes, how can I bind it to a game object like it can't inherit from base character class?

I suspect the mistake I am making is thinking that these instances should be bound to the objects I want them to be bound to, but some clear guidance here would be most valuable.


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It seems what you really want is a base class that also allows its children to be MonoBehaviours. You can do this by making your base class abstract MonoBehaviour and inheriting from it.

 public abstract class Base : MonoBehaviour
     protected int HP;


Then your children of this class will also be MonoBehaviours, which you can attach to GameObjects.

 public class Ninja : Base
     void Start()
          HP = 100;




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