Android google map disappear / redraw for a second

You may know that Android studio offers a project skeleton for using google maps. This project contains only one activity and a map fragment. This is my short version:

public class MapsActivity extends FragmentActivity {

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

        if(savedInstanceState == null){
                    .add(, new SupportMapFragment(), "TEST")


In this example, I see a redraw problem. The map itself disappears for a second (only the map, but not the entire map piece, because we can still see the map controls) when:

  • The application is minimized and reopened.
  • When the user goes to another activity and returns to the map again

enter image description here

This has been fixed on Nexus4 (4.4.4). However, I don't see this issue on another phone running Android 4.1.2.

Any ideas what could be wrong? Are there any solutions for this?


It just turned out that the google maps app has this problem. So this should be a problem with building google maps on Android 4.4.4.

Bug report generated:


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