SOAPFault: soapenv: VersionMismatch Error

I gave all the request as correct, but I could not get a response. It shows a version mismatch error.

Requset XML

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:v1="" xmlns:v3="">
                     <sit:equipmentName>NS39 PENNINGTON BEND</sit:equipmentName> 


XML response

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="">
                     <faultstring>Transport level information does not match with SOAP Message namespace URI</faultstring>


Please help me fix this version inconsistency error and share it.


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This is a problem with the "xmlns: soap" value "You can use" "instead , which will solve your problem.

SOAP versioning is based on XML namespaces. SOAP 1.1 is identified by the namespace, while SOAP 1.2 is identified by the second.



From the standard, you can see here , the SOAP Fault

error code VersionMismatch

should be returned when:

The node error encountered an invalid element information element instead of the expected Envelope element information element. The namespace, local name, or both did not match the information element of the Envelope element required by this recommendation.

So the problem in your case might be your request's namespace is incorrect and the tag is <soapenv:Header>

not well-formed because your server is returning an error VersionMismatch

. If you look at your query:


not well formed to close and remove the use of the <soapenv:Header/>

not tag </soapenv:Header>


And you define the following namespace prefixes:

xmlns:v1="..." xmlns:v3="..." 


However, in your request, you use a prefix in your elements sit

if it is not defined.

Eliminate this problem and the error will probably go away.



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