Kendo-UI Grid does not represent data via AngularJS

I am using Restangular to solve the answer (product list) ... I know this is resolved OK.

I am new to Kendo-UI. But set up a basic test mesh as shown below. I am using k-rebind as the array of products will probably not be resolved at the time the mesh is generated.

<kendo-grid k-options="mainGridOptions" k-rebind="products"></kendo-grid>


In my controller:

$scope.products = [];
        $scope.therapyAreas = [];
        $scope.dropDownTAs = [];

        prProductService.getProducts().then(function(products) {
            $scope.products = products;
            prTAService.getTAs().then(function(tas) {
                $scope.therapyAreas = tas;
                for(var i = 0; i < $scope.therapyAreas.length;i++) {
                    $scope.dropDownTAs.push({id: $scope.therapyAreas[i].id, therapyArea: $scope.therapyAreas[i].therapyArea});


        $scope.mainGridOptions = {
                dataSource: {
                    data: $scope.products                    
                height: 550,
                scrollable: true,
                sortable: true,
                filterable: true,
                pageable: {
                    input: true,
                    numeric: false
                columns: [


I know an array of products is being returned, and I would have thought that k-rebind would watch the array of products for changes, so when resolved it updates the UI ... no such luck.

I tried to redeem the array manually in the datasource to reflect the answer for the array of products and the grid works fine.


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You are absolutely correct that the Kendo UI grid initially has no data access, so when the Grid is rendered on the page, it just binds to an empty array - it doesn't give you any data. You are also using the attribute correctly k-rebind

in this scenario as it needs to keep track of when the scope changes.

However, one important thing you missed is that it k-rebind

should be set to the same as your options, as stated in this documentation . This can be easily overlooked, but I've used it before in scenarios like this.

So, until I tested this, I believe the following should work for you:

<kendo-grid k-options="mainGridOptions" k-rebind="mainGridOptions"></kendo-grid>




i got the same error. But this worked for me:

in the html view code:

<kendo-grid data-source=""


in angular controller:

vm.kendoData = new{});

vm.getRegistros = function () {
    vm.loading = true;
        .success(function (result) {
   = result.registros;
        }).finally(function () {
            vm.loading = false;

vm.gridOptions = {
    columns: [{
        field: "date",
        title: "Date",
        width: "120px"
    }, {
        field: "column1",
        title: "column1",
        width: "120px"
    }, {
        field: "column2",
        title: "column2",
        width: "120px"




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